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The Flagmakers

From National Geographic Documentary Films, Academy Award-winning director Cynthia Wade, award-winning director Sharon Liese and executive producer Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Flagmakers poses one of today’s most pressing questions: who is the American flag for?

Employee-owned Eder Flag in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, sews and ships five million American flags a year. The flagmakers — locals, immigrants and refugees — stitch stars and stripes as they wrestle with identity and belonging. Sewing manager Radica, a Serbian immigrant, believes every flag has a soul. Ali, a war survivor from Iraq, is learning how to use a sewing machine after arriving in the United States just 90 days prior. Midwestern-born Barb’s genuine friendships with her immigrant co-workers belie her staunchly conservative beliefs. SugarRay, a Black man born and raised in Milwaukee, reflects on his complicated relationship with this country. Each considers: What does the American flag represent in a changing nation and world, and for whom? The Flagmakers is an intimate glimpse into the people whose hands make America’s most recognizable icon.

Emmy for outstanding short documentary. Shortlisted for an academy award.

Original Film Score, Recorded at Scoring Stage Babelsberg Berlin 2022. 

Piazza Futura 2022 (Postcard From the Future) By Kevin B. Lee

Archival images form the future site of the Locarno Film Festival in the metaverse. An AI guides through the virtual Piazza Grande, but its simultaneous processing of the past, present and future of cinema leads to a striking malfunction.

Cinematic Minimalism
Sony production music album